Off-Grid Solar

An off-grid solar energy system can provide lights and other conveniences to any location. This type of system can provide power to almost anywhere! Whether you need power to the shop in your backyard or a remote vacation home, we can help.

In an off-grid system the solar panels collect power which is stored in batteries. When its needed, the power runs from the batteries through an inverter before it can be used. The inverter transforms the electricity to the correct voltage prior to use.

Every off-grid system is different and the design depends on many factors including the location, time of year, frequency and duration of use. We are happy to help you build the perfect system to suit your needs. We sell off-grid kits with or without installation. If we can get there by truck, boat, snowmobile or quad, we can do your installation. We also offer custom mounting options, such as sea-cans and adjustable ground mounts.