Solar Energy in Kelowna

If are lucky enough to live in Kelowna, you live in one of the best places for solar energy! Despite being in a valley, Kelowna residents get more sun per year than many parts of the world.

Consider that Kelowna averages significantly more sun hours than Germany, a world leader of installed solar power. Kelowna averages 1949 hours of sun every year, compared to 1626 hours in Berlin and 1662 hours in Frankfurt. It’s no wonder it is not uncommon to see solar energy systems across Kelowna. If you look you will notice rooftop solar arrays popping up all over our beautiful city.

From West Kelowna to Ellison, and Joe Rich to Glenmore! We can design a solar energy system that is optimized to perform best in your location. If you are curious about solar power, call us today and find out how a solar energy system can work for you.